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The Brat Side of my Personality!

Just trying to make sense of this thing we call DD! I have been in DD relationships before I met TX and when I was younger I was confused even though I was raised and grew up in a DD family. I feel that it can be confusing even to the most experienced couple practicing this lifestyle. What it has brought to my marriage with TX has been AWESOME and I would never want to be without it in our relationship because I think we both would be miserable. 

I am NOT your typical TIH and I feel that TX is not the typical HOH in the sense that we actually have an understanding on what we both want in our relationship but I am not beneath him (although I know my place). We have regular sit down talks where we both voice our thoughts, opinions, what could be better, what could be deleted and what could be added to our DD relationship. 

I am a brat but again I know my place and I know what's allowed with bratting and what's not allowed with bratting. I have heard a lot of backlash in the DD world (DD chats, DD forums etc.) where a TIH should NOT brat because it's disrespectful to her HOH. Who says she is being disrespectful if her HOH approves it? When I first met TX he exactly knew what he was getting into with me LOL and he likes the sassy, feisty and bratty side of me to a point and again I know my place. 

I guess my point is my personality is on the sassy, feisty and bratty side and TX does not want to change that about me and that was one of the things that attracted him when we first met and I don't want him trying to change my personality. I was born with my personality and I am happy with it and  my dear HOH LOVES IT!!!! Every relationship in the DD lifestyle is different and no relationship is the same and that's OK because let's face it if we were all the same then what a boring world that would be :) 


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