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DD in my past to DD presently!

Life is good now with DD but with my ex-husband it was far from good! I was 17 years old when I met him and he was 29 years old (need I say more but I was a rebellious teen who thought her parents were just mean). After a year of my parents and I struggling with the ups and downs with this relationship they finally realized I was not going to stop seeing him so when I turned 18 years old they finally gave me their blessing to date him (without me sneaking around to see him that is). I dated him through college but ended up quitting college to marry him at 20 years old and thinking that life would be good with him from that day forward!  He was a natural dominant which attracted me to him in the first place and he could walk in a room and everyone would notice him and there was something about him that just commanded respect. From the start of dating him he told me that domestic discipline is something that he would not live without so if I didn't want that then we would have to pa
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I knew what I wanted, needed and desired

Learning about myself throughout the years and learning what I desired, needed and wanted has helped me to be who I am today. I have always known that a DD lifestyle is what I wanted, needed and desired and I knew that was something that would never change. At the age of 16 years I knew that a vanilla relationship was not for me and although I was young I just knew what I wanted to be truly happy. I only had one vanilla relationship in high school but some would say that I was to young to know what I truly wanted but growing up in a DD home is what set me apart from the normal 16 year old back then.  You see I grew up seeing my dad lead and my mom obeying, I grew up hearing and seeing my mom spanked for her misdeeds, I grew up in a home that was dysfunctional (what family isn't a little on the dysfunctional side) but we all loved and respected each other and I truly believe that seeing my parents get along and hardly fighting set a very good example for me as a child. I remembe

The Brat Side of my Personality!

Just trying to make sense of this thing we call DD! I have been in DD relationships before I met TX and when I was younger I was confused even though I was raised and grew up in a DD family. I feel that it can be confusing even to the most experienced couple practicing this lifestyle. What it has brought to my marriage with TX has been AWESOME and I would never want to be without it in our relationship because I think we both would be miserable.  I am NOT your typical TIH and I feel that TX is not the typical HOH in the sense that we actually have an understanding on what we both want in our relationship but I am not beneath him (although I know my place). We have regular sit down talks where we both voice our thoughts, opinions, what could be better, what could be deleted and what could be added to our DD relationship.  I am a brat but again I know my place and I know what's allowed with bratting and what's not allowed with bratting. I have heard a lot of backlash in the D

Not feeling it!

Lately there has been something missing from TX and I DD relationship and because I have a very hard time telling him anything when it comes to DD (yes even after 12 years) I really haven't said much to him except through my daily journal writings to him. I have been having a really hard time pinning down the exact right words to say until today that is! For the most part TX is very consistent with me when it comes to disciplining me when I break one of the various rules we have set in place and for the most part everything during the spanking session is right on target as far as lecture, punishment , CT etc.....but for me there is still something missing. Last night is a prime example of what is truly missing from our DD relationship and from his point of view I am sure he thinks everything is fine and dandy but from my point of view it is not. Yesterday I forgot to write my journal writing to him (rule broken) and then I didn't complete my food journal (another rule broken)

Spanking After a Hot Shower = Not Good!

For the first time in our entire relationship I experienced a spanking after a hot shower and boy oh boy I didn't like it one bit! Now I have a very high pain tolerance so of course I didn't think nothing of it and thought to myself " I can take this and no biggie" , again I was VERY WRONG!!! TX hardly ever catches me off guard but he did yesterday. We had a really good morning together and ate breakfast, talked etc. TX asked me to get ready because we were needing to leave soon to get our errands done because we were pressed for time due to the fact that we were going to be meeting our DD friends from the ADDS Chat room for dinner. So the obedient "Angel" that I am went to take a shower and get ready :) I come out of the shower into our bedroom and TX was there waiting for me and told me I was going to get the spanking I earned from the night before. The first thought in my mind was "I just took a hot shower" but I have learned not to argue or try

Feeling Stressed Out!

I haven't updated in months and for that I sincerely apologize but I guess there is just so much going on in my life right now and with TTWD being up and down it's hard for me to sit down at my computer and blog here :(  When I am feeling like things aren't going well in my relationship with TX as far as DD goes then I usually try to stay away from everything that has to do with DD. Right now I have a lot of things going on between my job , my doll business and personal family issues that I am under a tremendous amount of stress and at it's really starting to get to me! Usually when I am stressing out I just put it out of my mind and try not to think about the "stress" and that works for a time but then I get to a point where I just blow up at TX which is not good at all. We have tried stress relief spankings and those work for a time but it seems over time they don't work well at all and it's like I want negative attention from him therefore I will &q

Going Through A Rough Phase

Well I have been struggling to write my feelings down with anything relating to DD or D/s and that is why I have not written a post. TX and I have been on a different page lately and as much as I hate to admit it I have been a BRAT and getting spankings around here have been on a daily basis for me lately :(  I am going through something which I am not sure if it's normal or not but with TTWD define normal? I have been going through this phase where I just don't want to please TX and it's been a rough ride for both of us although a rougher ride for my butt. I blame my past but I need to get over the past because I am in the present with a wonderful guy who loves me for me and who accepts everything about me even my bratty behavior at times. I am truly having a hard time with submitting and I am trying to do what he asks of me but for some reason I just don't want to give in to him easily or without a fight. Last night I got into trouble again for not turning in my 4