Saturday, August 31, 2013

Can someone who LOVES spanking actually be punished with spanking?

Do I liked to get spanked? Yes, but is it possible for someone who enjoys spanking actually be punished with spanking? In my case the answer is yes! I have been asked this question many times in the D/s and DD world and some get it and some don't get it. For me feeling punished isn't just through spanking alone as there are many other factors. When I have broken a rule and disappointed TX that alone is sometimes punishment enough for me although he would disagree I am sure ;) 

Throughout the years I have built up a high pain tolerance and it is what it is and it won't change therefore we have to figure out ways where spanking will work for me in order to change behaviors. TX and I have been together long enough to where he has figured me out and figured out ways to punish me where it will effect me and I am very thankful to have an HOH who can do that for me. Sometimes he can have me in tears even before a spanking will start because I feel so bad for disappointing him and to see the hurt in his eyes is enough to bring me to tears. 

We do what works for us in TTWD and what works for us is when I feel like I need a spanking I will ask for a maintenance spanking and he obliges but when I have broken a rule then he decides the punishment and I have no say in that. Sometimes I want spanked for stress relief and other times I just need to feel his control and dominance so I will ask for a spanking and then other times I just want a nice good girl spanking :) So just because someone loves to get spanked doesn't mean that they can't be punished with spanking , at least not in my case :) 

Monday, August 19, 2013

New to the blogging world but not new to DD

My name Is Michelle and I have been married to a wonderful guy for 7 years. We have been in a DD type relationship for 12 years now, 5 years while dating and we carried it over into our marriage of 7 years and counting :) I will call my husband "TX" when referring to him as to keep some anonymity.  This blog will be about the challenges going from a D/s relationship into a DD type relationship although we do keep a mix of the two in our relationship that seems to work for us. It has always been my desire to have this type of relationship with a man I would fall deeply in love with and when I met TX it was love at first sight and everything else just fell into place. Our story is a complicated one but it's a true love story :) 

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