Monday, August 19, 2013

New to the blogging world but not new to DD

My name Is Michelle and I have been married to a wonderful guy for 7 years. We have been in a DD type relationship for 12 years now, 5 years while dating and we carried it over into our marriage of 7 years and counting :) I will call my husband "TX" when referring to him as to keep some anonymity.  This blog will be about the challenges going from a D/s relationship into a DD type relationship although we do keep a mix of the two in our relationship that seems to work for us. It has always been my desire to have this type of relationship with a man I would fall deeply in love with and when I met TX it was love at first sight and everything else just fell into place. Our story is a complicated one but it's a true love story :) 


  1. Hello Michelle

    Found you welcome to blog land, hope you enjoy it

  2. Welcome to our caring blogging community :)
    So nice to see you've started your blog and I look forward to coming here often!
    I like the idea of a blog about transitioning from D/s to DD. There are so many people who transition from fantasy, to being a Spanko and then to D/s or DD. And many who transition from D/s to DD.
    I know not every single post has to be about that, but it is a wonderful idea for the basis of a blog!!!
    # MrBBSpanker

  3. Yay, welcome to blogging. :) Can't wait to read more from you!



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